A new identity,
but why?

reinvents its image and adopts a new striking visual identity and
consistent with its positioning as a French manufacturer of

  All our products are
made in France   and meet the highest requirements in terms of
quality and durability.

  BRC is on a mission to make the
pest control industry more sustainable and digital with
IoT solutions.
A new logo is good,
a beautiful logo that makes sense is better!

This new logo represents the BRC vision of becoming a leading global player in the development of sustainable hygiene solutions for professional environments
with the arrow pointing forward. 

We have emphasized in the logo our promise:

Eco Friendly Technologies

We have also segmented our offer through four logos in line with
the umbrella brand, with the objective of always serving you better!

Each segment is presented with a color that corresponds to the activity concerned.

New identity…
new website !

In parallel with this new identity, our website has also been completely redesigned.

It is a redesigned website presenting the different fields of activity, to meet the needs of our customers and our future customers.

The perception of our customers!


  Leader Quality Research


Anticipation ideas Collaboration

Our missions:

To propose sustainable and certified hygiene solutions
Support 3D operators
in the implementation of smart management
Develop innovative and customizable solutions